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What is the Message Of ILYM?

God’s love for us is deeper, more powerful, and longer- lasting than we can even imagine. But sometimes that head knowledge doesn’t translate to our hearts when we feel disappointed, imperfect, guilty, alone, and any number of other ways we often feel as women. Our souls want to live in the safety of God’s love and favor, but our thoughts and actions don’t always match up. Why do we struggle to love Jesus more?

In I Love You More (Except When I Don’t)..Fighting to Keep Jesus First, author and speaker Sharie King shares the common struggle women have in yearning to love Jesus more and yet, feeling incapable as they try. Telling personal stories and teaching Scripture throughout, Sharie challenges women to set aside striving and embrace God’s way of grace instead. She’ll not only encourage you that you can love Jesus more; she’ll show you how.

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I Love You More is on the top of my recommended reading list for Christian women seeking to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.
— Marian Jordan Ellis, Author of Stand and Founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries
She writes with vulnerability, avoids clichés and platitudes, and seamlessly weaves the biblical story in and out of her own life story as an injured young girl, aspiring wife, caring mother, honest friend, and recovering perfectionist.
— Robert W. Canoy, Dean and Professor of Christian Theology, School of Divinity, Gardner-Webb University
“What a challenging and encouraging book! This is just what every woman needs to hear.
— Derwin and Vicki Gray, Lead Pastor and Executive Director of Transformation Church
As a woman who wants to love God more than anything else, the words in this book touch a deep place in my heart and pave a clear path for me to follow as I maneuver the busy road of life.
— Lisa Whittle, Speaker and Author of I Want God and Put Your Warrior Boots On