Life Update


I want to sincerely thank you for all your interest and prayers for me, my family and Clayton King Ministries (CKm). For 20 years Clayton King Ministries was based in North Carolina, but God led our ministry family to move to South Carolina this past August. It has been a giant faith journey, but God has taken care of us. Here are just a few praises I'd like to share since our move:

  • We've grown our camp numbers to 800 more participants than last year.
  • We have developed an amazing partnership with Anderson University, the location of our new office and summer camp location.
  • We've added two new staff members.
  • We've added 5 new speakers to our speakers department.

God has also been truly faithful to our family in the process of our faith move to South Carolina. I'd like to thank him for:

  • Miraculously selling our house in NC.
  • Increasing my speaking ministry giving me opportunities at: Clemson FCA, Anderson University, Mt. Ararat Baptist, Apex Baptist Youth, North Greenville University, as well as the usual CKm events.
  • My kids new friendships and adjusting well.
  • And hopefully, we will finally be settled into the home we've been building since August!

As amazing as our journey has been, we have some big prayer needs coming up.  Would you take time to pray for me, and our staff?

  • My upcoming speaking events: May 10 @ Lifepoint Church in Wilmington, NC, June 22-July 24 as I speak at Crossroads Summer Camps, and July 28-30 as I speak at a girls discipleship retreat called Redeemed Girls' Institute in FL
  • Our office as we plan a 20 Years in Ministry Celebration
  • June 22-July 31, we need prayers as our Crossroads Summer Camps serves 4600 students

Thanks so much for your love, prayers and support. We couldn't do ministry without you. Also, check out my Instagram this week because CKm is giving away some free stuff that I'd hate for you to miss out on!

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