Today's Tips - Episode Two

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“How was your day today? Huh huh? Was it good? Was it bad? Huh?” This is basically the conversation I used to have with my kids everyday after school. What a delightful way to be greeted, right?

It took me awhile to realize this wasn’t working. I would ask the questions and their eyes would glaze over. So I began my human research, testing different techniques to see what sparked their minds and promoted the connection and conversation I was hoping to have. Here are my findings!

Feed me!

This was some of the best advice I received from another parent, “ give them something to eat.” So, now I bring snacks with me when I pick my kiddos up and hold all questions until the nourishment has reached their brains. 

Compliment me!

Who doesn’t love compliments!? Our kids are no different. They have spent the day learning new things and navigating relationships. This involves highs and lows and sometimes leaves them questioning who they are or where they stand. Let your compliment speak to who your child really is, who the Lord has created them to be. This could be the confidence boost they need to start talking about what those highs and lows might be. 

Share with me!

How often are we asking our kids to share the happenings of their day but we don’t offer ours in return? Invite them in to your day. Tell them how things went for you, ask them what they would’ve done in your situation. This can give you a deeper view into the way their minds and hearts are working. This is one of my favorite conversation starters personally! It amazes me how deep their precious hearts are.

Work with me!

I got this one from my husband. This is where HE connects with the kids. Wether it’s crafting or asking them to help you with a project around the house this avenue offers a great opportunity for a relaxed conversation. Some kids don’t like the feeling of “all eyes on me” so by working on another project together it takes the initial spotlight off of them and the pressure to “perform”. My tip for this one is make sure you don’t get to caught up in your project that you don’t recognize the moment the verbal flood gates open. 

I hope these tips help to get the conversation flowing. Above all remember,  God chose you for the precious gift of parenting your children, he has given you every tool you need to raise them into the man or woman He has called them to be. So before you begin any important conversation with your kiddos ask the one who created them to lead the way.

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