Todays Tips - Episode 3

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With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought what better time to discuss a very important topic: Red Lipstick! Whether you love it or hate it, no one ever feels blah about this eye catching shade. So, the following are a few tips to  help you choose the right shade of passion for your pout! 

First things to pick the RIGHT red! 

Let's talk skin tone. Are you warm, cool or neutral? There are a few easy ways to figure this out, let's use the jewelry method! If you look better in gold jewels your skin tone is warm; if you shine in silver then you are a cool cucumber. You look stunning in both?! Lucky you, you have a neutral skin tone! The world is your oyster! 

Now what?

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If your skin tone is warm think ketchup if you have light- medium skin or barbecue sauce for dark/deep skin tones! 

For those ketchup reds I love:

"So Chaud" by Mac for a beautiful matte or the shade "Hot" by Iman for a creamier texture. 

For the deeper warm reds try:

Smashbox Liquid Lipstick in Disorderly and rock a matte lip for something a bit softer try NARS Audacious lipstick in Carmen

Now those rockin' reds for those with cool skin tones, picture rubies cherries or wine!

One of my absolute favorites that looks amazing on any skin color is "Ruby Woo"from Mac, this is such a cool classic red. Another fabulous cool red for a much cooler price tag is Wet n' Wild Mega Last lipstick in " Red Velvet 911D". 

Now for those deep wine shades or chocolate covered cherries I recommend Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry, this shade is dark for sure but on someone with a pecan skin tone or richer it is gorgeous! Another love is NYX Matte Lip Creme in Monte Carlo. Side note: If you love matte lipstick please try NYX Matte Lip Creme. They don't make your lips feel like a dessert but gives a velvety matte look, love them.

Now like I said if you're in the neutral category you can really indulge in any of these shades. However if you need a recommendation for a no fail true red, Russian Red from MAC will never steer you wrong!

Ok so you've picked your shade now... Prep those pillows:

Apply baking soda or white sugar to a baby toothbrush and make small circular motions across your lips. This will make your lips super soft! I actually like to do this once or twice a week before bed.  Afterwards I like to apply a little coconut oil for moisture. 

Ok ladies, you're ready. You now have the tools for that perfect red lip! Don't let it go to waste, Valentine's Day awaits... or if you're me, and it's a Tuesday, the grocery store. Either way, enjoy! 


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