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Hello ladies! Please raise your hand if you need a date night stat! Yes, I see those hands, mine is waving wildly as well! Between work, carpool, homework, errands, and flu season 🤧 I feel like my hubby and I have been running some type of relay race where we see each other long enough to pass the baton. When life gets like this date nights are like an endangered species that needs to be rediscovered. But how and what will we do? 

The point of a date night (besides busting out those cute new ankle booties) is to connect with our other half right? However, I think more often than not we get in a rut of doing the same old same old and instead of recharging our relationship we just end up eating dinner in a different location and talking about how sad “This is Us” was. 

A couple of years ago we were traveling as a family with my husbands job. Within 2.5 years we had moved 9 times, a new location about every 3-6 months. Sometimes we would be close to friends and family and have babysitters we could call on for our 2 (eventually 3) kiddos and other times we would be thousands of miles from anyone we knew. But, our need for downtime with each other didn’t change from city to city so we had to think outside of the box. This ended up being a wonderful gift! Here are a few things I learned to create that dreamy date night.

1. First and foremost remember that the point of date night is to help reconnect and recharge your relationship. If you have a “go-to” thing you normally do for a night out take that option off the table. This helps to break the pattern right away. A change of scenery can do a world of good! 

2. When do you feel most connected to your hunny? When does he feel most connected to you? This is such an important conversation to have in general but it can also help y’all plan your time together. I’m guessing not many couples would say they connect best in a dark theater... not talking. . . not looking at each other. . . get my point? 

3. Plan ahead. How many of us waste our precious moments with this conversation, “What do you want to do? I don’t know. What do you want to do?” You end up going back and forth and so often end up with “Let’s just go to that place we went last time, you know the one, that place.” We can’t even remember the name! Wow. That must’ve been an amazing time. Avoid this moment and plan ahead, it so fun having something special to look forward to!

4. Take turns planning. He shouldn’t do it all the time and neither should you. Taking turns is such a fun way to surprise each other and show your love how you’ve been thinking about them!

5. You don’t have to leave your backyard. This was a big one for us when we didn’t have babysitters! Get the kiddos fed and put to bed. From there you can create a night out, at home. Plan a late night picnic, set up a blanket under the stars while your husband grabs your favorite take out, or each of you grab a book and read on the front porch and then talk about what you’ve been reading. It sounds simple I know but I’m telling you this time spent together in the simplest of ways can do some pretty special things! 

For my husband and I, remembering the point behind our night out (or in) together was the most important thing, to connect our hearts. With this focus in mind what we chose to do together and how  really took took shape. 

So, who’s up for a change? I would love to know if you tried any of these tips and how they worked for you! 

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