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Smokey eyes, cat eyes, metallic eyes, liner or no liner... the list of eye make up looks could really go on and on. I love many of these eye trends but if you really want your peepers to pop you really need to find what shades are best for your eye color. 👀

Wether you’ve got baby blues or your a brown eyed girl here are a few tips for helping you make the most of your beautiful blinkers!

When you think about make your eye color pop, the best thing to do is find the color that’s contrasting to your shade. For instance I have green eyes so looking at the color wheel I can see my contrasting shade is red or red-violet. So does this mean I’m going to wear red eye shadow? Er, no. But, I will look for shades with a red or red-violet undertone and this will really make my eye color shine.

Let’s take a look at some other shades!

Lets see some green!

I’ve already touched on green eyes but I’d like to give a visual example. So like I said above a red or red-violet based shadow will really bring out green eyes. It doesn’t matter if it’s light dark or even if you choose this shade as an eyeliner, just having some variation of this color will really cause the green to stand out!

Shades like copper, rust, peach, aubergine, and shades of pink really set off green eyes!

Let’s talk about those beautiful blues!

When you look on the color wheel the contrasting shade is gold. So you blue babes will be looking for shades with a gold, yellow, or even orange undertone.

Look for shades like bronze, gold, some coppers, rose gold, and even some golden greens.

Hey hazel hunnies!

With a combination of green, gray, gold and sometimes blue; you can really play with varying tones on your eyes.

My personal favorite for hazel eyes is mauve or rose tones! These shades make hazel eyes glow. You can accent with taupe or chocolate for a gorgeous look!

Ok brown eyed girls it’s your turn!

I always wanted brown eyes growing up. You have songs written about you and more importantly you can wear any shadow shade out there!!!

So as far as brown goes you can keep it more natural by finding a variation of your own shade of brown i.e. coffee, chocolate, toffee (I’m hungry). If you want to really go for I absolutely LOVE emerald green or sapphire blue for brown eyes.

Ok so I know these pictures are more extreme shadow looks that probably took 45 minutes and lash glue to accomplish, and some of us are in good shape if we can get mascara on! So start small, try a swipe of eyeliner with one of these shades of a favorite of mine is an eyeshadow pencil! Swipe and go girl!

So give these a try, if you love the look please post in the comments I’d love to see your looks!

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