Today's Tips - Episode 11


Tips to Loving God More Than Your Dreams:

Today's blog is brought to you my favorite sister, Elisabeth Harper. She is is the wonderfully wise and witty host of Today’s Tips on my  Overcoming Monday Podcast, where she provides listeners with quick advice on beauty, fashion trends or applicable to-do’s for the subject of each season. Today she is sharing her fav tips on how to love God more than our dreams- taken from my book ILYM.

1. Be willing to go. You may be unsure of the direction that the Lord is leading you, but keep your heart open to the Holy Spirit and willing to follow the Lord anywhere and watch Him move!

2. Let Him prepare you. Surrender your heart to the Lord's process, the Lord's timing surpasses our understanding.

3. Ask yourself, “What do I love more, Jesus or the dream I’m going after?” You May have to ask yourself this question several times along your journey in order to refocus your heart.

4. Remember that you don’t have to prove your worthy of your dream. Jesus has already approved you, now let Him train and teach you. 

5. Simple and important, Jesus loves you and wants to give you the desires of your heart. He wants to plants them in you and then help you harvest them. 

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