Express Your Stress to God

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photo credit: ialla via photopin cc

Many mornings, I wake up thinking, “I hope the kids have food for breakfast.”  One of the hardest things about taking care of my family, is making sure we have everything we need: milk, cereal, clothes, sports equipment, school supplies, etc.

The needs are ceaseless, endless.

I can feel stress seep into my shoulder muscles when I hear the phrase, “Mom, we don’t…”

Don’t go any farther.  Just stop” I hear myself thinking.  “I don’t even want to know what we don’t have.”  But they need, and I provide.

“I don’t have jeans, socks, shoes, or a shirt that fits.  We’re out of toothpaste, soap, etc “ These words mean I neglected to get supplies when we were out.  And now I have the magical opportunity to provide something from nothing.

This morning the cereal was low and we had no eggs.  Thankfully the remaining cereal suited Jacob’s taste.  But, as I started into the kitchen, my little shadow followed with a growling stomach.  Joseph watched as I pulled out some stone-ground oats, raisins and whole milk.

I poured the milk in the pot, as he said, “Can I help?”  “Are you kidding?” I thought, “You are a gift from heaven.”

“Sure”, I said as I transitioned to cutting fruit.

Behind me I heard Joseph say sweetly under his breath, “I knew you’d come up with something.”

He stirred as I cut.  In that quiet moment I felt the trust of my son.  He wasn’t worried about what he was going to eat.  He knew I’d “come up with something.”

As I soaked up his trusting love, I heard the Holy Spirit ask, “Wouldn’t it be easier if you trusted me like this?  When you’re empty, what will it take for you to say to me, ‘I know you’ll come up with something.’”

I answered the Lord, “You nailed it.  This is my biggest struggle.  It would be so much easier if I could trust You like Joseph trusted me.  I trust You, but can You help me trust You more?”

When your life feels barren, who are you trusting?  When you’re at a dead end, there’s no solution to your problem, no energy for the stress, no happiness for tomorrow, no money for today, or no more brain space for that exam…who will you trust?

God has resources we don’t see because we’re too busy relying on ourselves.  When control creeps into your soul, express your stress to God instead.  Take it to his table because I have a sneaky feeling He’s got a bowl of oatmeal (or coffee if you prefer) waiting at his table.

Tangible Take-Away:

  • Meditate on Psalm 23
  • Take out a pen and paper and express your stress to God.
  • Ask someone to help carry your load and pray with you.

Offer It Up:

Here’s a prayer I’ve been praying almost every day.  If you’re stressed join with me, “God I can’t control what’s going on, so choose to trust and take each day at a time.”

Sweet Tweet:

  • Matthew 6:27, “ Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
  • God has resources we don’t see because we’re too busy relying on ourselves.
  • When control creeps into your soul, express your stress to God instead.
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