Sometimes God Says, “STOP”




These are three words that describe me, but sometimes it’s hard to put myself out there. Expressing myself sometimes seems like a good idea, until the words come out of my mouth and then I can’t quite remember why vulnerability is a good thing anymore.

But today, I'm going to be to be real, honest and authentic with you. The last couple of years have been hard. We’ve moved our family, ministry and friendships. And while our eyes of faith can see and understand all the reasons, my stomach of stress has had a belly-full. My thankfulness has been chosen, not naturally flowing from within and I've felt guilty and condemned in my struggle. 

So, a few weeks ago, God told me to STOP.

He said, "Stop ministering through your blog and social media. Shift your attention solely to Me for your own health, for your own good."

It’s hard for me to STOP because I’m a doer and a giver.  I have a hard time letting go when I see a need I feel called to meet. But, sitting at my desk talking to you right now, I’m thankful that I heard his voice.

Tomorrow our ministry begins 6 weeks of camp. This means we are pouring into 4600+/- teenagers this summer. I will teach every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, and also on Wednesday evenings.

As I sit here typing this to you dear friend, I feel the weight of that responsibility and I am humbled. It is increasingly obvious I needed a pause, a break, some time “alone” before I started pouring out again.

This blog is not a devotion or life lesson to you, but rather a plea for you to keep me in your prayers. Today and for the next five weeks, will you pray this scripture from Psalm 2 over me?

“Lord, be a shield around Sharie.

Be the glory and the lifter of her head!

Answer Sharie’s prayers from your holy mountain,

Help her sleep and when she wakes up,

Will you sustain her?

Help her not to fear,

And strike down any enemy that comes against her!”


Thanks for standing with me friends and believers! May the Lord encourage you today!


© 2015 by Sharie King.  All rights reserved.


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