I Love You More in My Community - Interview


Meet Megan Hibbard

I have been working on an IlYM study to accompany my book. I've recorded video teachings for each week with some of my favorite ladies. So, to give you some behind the scenes goodness, the next few blogs will be snippets from the video interviews. This week I'd like you to hear from Megan. She is originally from Apex, NC, but currently lives in Anderson, SC. She is married to Jordan and they have an adorable sheep-a-doodle named Barkley. Megan is the Marketing Director for I Was Broke but Now I’m Not, Injoy Stewardship Solutions and Fully Funded. I met Megan when she was a camper at our Crossroads Camps and she’s been part of our lives ever since.

The greater you give, the deeper you receive.
— Sharie King, I Love You More

Megan, what was your greatest take away from this chapter?

Often times, I’m a taker in friendships instead of a giver. I want to consider myself a giver, but I know I easily resort back to being a taker. Instead of focusing on being a giver, I’m constantly consumed with wondering if I will see the fruits of my friendships and whether I will be acknowledged for what I'm giving. I know that friendships aren’t easy, BUT I have seen the reward of an incredible community and trust me, it’s worth fighting for. 

What did you learn about the character of God in this chapter?

The Lord wants good gifts for His children. The Lord knows exactly what I need. He knows me better than anyone and He's a good God. 

God doesn’t give us friends to satisfy our desires, but to help us run our race and finish life well.
— Sharie King, I Love You More

What did you learn about your character?

I have to ask myself if I'm willing to put in the work into my friendships? It’s not about me! There’s a much greater picture that I’m missing if I think it’s just about me. Ultimately, it's a question of do I trust Him? Do I trust that he's got this? Do I trust that he's greater than rejection? Do I trust that He's good and has good gifts for me? It’s not that we always need more people in our lives but have to invest in the friendships we have to get the friendships we’re dreaming of.

How can you practically apply what you've learned to your world?

Ultimately, we have to take a step. In that moment when everything is telling you to put up a wall or shut someone out, just take one step. Invite them to hang out. Encourage them in someway. Compliment them. Share something you’re dealing with. Just take a step. A simple invitation has the potential to unlock a lifelong friendship. With new friends don’t have the mindset of waiting to see what they can give you first but dive in and see what you can give them. With current friends try to gauge where you’re at. How are you doing? Just try to take one more step towards letting them in. 


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