Is He Really Enough?

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Every year, as we get closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, I feel like I watch all of my single friends start to get antsy. Some people LOVE the holiday, some people HATE it and let’s be honest, there aren't very many people that fall into the in-between category of not caring. We begin feeling the pressure to have a valentine as early as elementary school and honestly, it feels like the pressure intensifies the older you get. But for some of us, myself very much included, Valentine’s day can hold a sore spot of feeling inadequate, unloved and unwanted. And then, sometimes we find a guy and we start to wonder if he is good enough to make the cut. I mean, you've waited this long to choose the right guy so why settle now. 

But let's be honest, the question isn't "Is he really enough?" it's "Is HE really enough?". Let me clarify, the question is more about if Jesus is really enough for you than if that guy is. Trust me, I'm saying this because I'm LEARNING it, and sometimes it feels like I'm learning it the hard way. 

I feel like it’s so easy to say “Yeah Jesus, I really believe that you’re enough for me.” But then that guy enters the picture and something happens and we are end up feeling hurt, unwanted, and unloved all over again. Like somehow we forgot that Jesus is the one that determines our worth and value and not any other human being. When we tell Jesus that he is enough for us and ask him to prove it he usually does that by putting us into situations where he literally has to be enough for us. And it is only when we can answer the question "Why is Jesus enough?" for ourselves that we can begin to share that he is enough with people who have no reason to believe it. 

When was the last time Jesus had to be enough for you? Or is your life so comfortable that you have everything you need and more without him. 

I promise you, the Valentine’s date isn’t going to be the thing that fulfills you, but Jesus will be.

Jesus being enough for you isn't just a feeling, it's a head thing that turns into a heart thing after we experience it for ourselves. 

So what CAN you do as a single this Valentine's Day? 


Here are my two favorites:

1. Galentines Day

Get your favorite girls together and maybe even invite the girls that aren't your favorite, after all, you're all in this waiting thing together. Make yummy snacks, paint canvases, watch a movie, play a game, do whatever you can to get your heart to understand that community is RICH and you don't need a man to make you feel special one day a year. You deserve a man that will love you every day of the year and I promise your girls already do that. 

2. Groupentines Day (yes, it does sound German, no its not, just go with it)

If you're like me, which you may or may not be, you actually have a great coed group of friends. One of my favorite seasons of life was when I spent the majority of my time with my coed home group and one year, when practically all of us were single we decided to go out altogether. This was mostly due to the fact that the guys felt left out of Galentines, they're needier than they let on. We ended up going bowling and then ordering pizza back to my house, it was so much fun and I didn't even think about what I was "missing out". Looking back, I wouldn't trade that time for anything. 

So, whatever you do, HAVE SO MUCH FUN and remember that Jesus IS and will ALWAYS BE enough for you. 


Rachel currently serves as Sharie’s assistant and is a student at Penn State University, studying Biobehavioral Health.

She is Overcoming Monday’s co-host and planning guru.

You can connect with Rachel on Instagram and Twitter and read more from her on her blog.

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