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How I Began to Love Christmas Again

I used to love Christmas!  Until I didn't.  And there was a reason I stopped loving it...for a season.

Simply put, I experienced real loss.  The kind of loss that sucker-punches you in the lower gut and knocks the breath out of you. The kind of loss that leaves you dazed and confused and wondering if you'll ever come back to a good place again.  And it wasn't just one loss.  It was one after another...and another...and another.  Strung out over twelve years.

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Kids, the Easter Bunny, Santa and... Jesus?

We were standing in her kitchen talking about kids and Christmas when my friend said, “I was trying to explain to my daughter that Christmas is about Jesus, but she said, ‘No mom, it’s about getting presents.’ She’s only four, so I get it, but I’m just trying to figure out how to teach her the true meaning.” 

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