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Keys to Cultivating Communication

Sometimes hectic can't be helped, but many times the chaos is a sign that we need to take time to problem solve. Miscommunication in leadership not only has the propensity to create chaos in your organization, but can also steal your momentum and focus. If we want to lead well, we have to eliminate confusion by addressing assumptions. Here are three ways we can do this...

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The Perfect Christmas: Why It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

Sometimes I live in fear for my children.

Fear they’ll walk the same dreadful path I did. Fear I’m not good enough. Fear I’m not what they need. Fear I don’t measure up to the “got-it-all-together-beloved-mama” label that’s been plastered across my forehead.

It's exhausting, and I just want to do it right.

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Kids, the Easter Bunny, Santa and... Jesus?

We were standing in her kitchen talking about kids and Christmas when my friend said, “I was trying to explain to my daughter that Christmas is about Jesus, but she said, ‘No mom, it’s about getting presents.’ She’s only four, so I get it, but I’m just trying to figure out how to teach her the true meaning.” 

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