Three Things We Love About Marriage

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My husband and I were married for 12 years when we wrote our first book on marriage, 12 Questions. To be honest, I was super-scared to write a book on marriage because any message we put out there is tested and tried. I loved our marriage, and I didn't want it to be put through the ringer. But people kept asking, "How do you make it work?", so we took the risk. Maybe you need some encouragement for your marriage today, so here's a little snippet from our book:

"Marriage was God's idea. And marriage is so sacred that God uses it as a picture of His relationship with His own people, the church. He calls the church "the bride of Christ. That alone should grab our attention."

"We want to see the trend reversed-the trend of destructive, unhealthy relationships being the norm. This is why we wrote this book. And we want you to beat the odds. We want you to pay attention and choose the right direction. If we should meet you one day, we want to be able to celebrate with you..that you have a good marriage that honors God and shows the world a picture of His love for humanity. We don't want you to miss out on something this awesome..

  • a marriage that can stand the tests and traumas that life will most certainly throw at you
  • a marriage that withstands the drama that dominates our sick culture
  • a marriage that gets better as it gets older
  • a marriage that your children and grandchildren will want to model and copy
  • a marriage where each of you can be who God made you to be
  • a marriage that pursues holiness instead of happiness and gains both
  • a marriage that handles adversity
  • a marriage that fulfills both individuals emotionally, spiritually and sexually
  • a marriage that honors God by reflecting the gospel
  • a marriage that is a living example of God's unconditional love for the world."

We wrote these words 4 years ago, and as I type these words to you today, I see our marriage has truly become what we hoped for- because of God's faithfulness (and with our hard work!). One thing we have done over the years to practically pour into each other is to remember what we love about one another. So, I want to share with you a fun video and then ask if you would share with us (by either leaving a comment below or posting on social media) what three things you love about your marriage/your wife or husband. Here are ours:

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