4 Reasons We Are Scared to Love: from the acronym L-O-V-E

Part L: We are scared to love our friends because we are LONELY.

Many of us sacrifice friendships because loneliness seems an easier risk than the liability of a letdown. We think to ourselves, “I’m okay with creating and managing my own drama, but I don’t want to get too involved in the lives of others. I don’t have time or space for that.”

This kind of attitude may keep us as safe as a turtle in it’s shell, but it also limits the Lord’s ability to fill our longing for fellowship.

When my kids were toddlers, rooms full of people laughing, talking and smiling intimidated me. Tales of fun fellowship landed on my lonely heart, piercing it like a dagger. Being married to a husband who traveled, I learned that singles hang out with singles, couples with couples, families with families, and then there’s the mom and her kids who don’t quite fit into people’s plans.

These years were a stage, but I learned how easy it would be to adopt isolation as a way of life. I had to guard myself from that twisted voice in my heart telling me I could do life alone, and then tried to lure me into a dark closet full of weeping and self-pity. 

God didn’t design you to be a lone ranger. Even God is not alone. He is three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They make decisions together (Genesis 3:22).  They talk to and encourage one another by taking attention off themselves and reflecting each other (John 17).  God did not design us to do life alone.  He gave the very first man a wife (Genesis 2:18) and he gave the first believers each other to keep them strong in their faith (Acts 2:42).

Hold that Thought and Make it Real:

One day my niece, Ruby, pranced into her living room in a new outfit.  My sister-in-law said, "Ruby you look so cute, but your outfit doesn't really match." Ruby replied, "It's ok Mom. It doesn't have to. God told me. He said it doesn't have to match I just have to like it."

God lavishes us with friendships because we long to be loved.  Not all friendships look alike. You don’t have to do friendships like everyone else. You don’t have to “match.”  You just have to like them!

Have you had trouble making friends? Maybe there’s a person who keeps popping into your life for a reason.  Have you considered being their friend? Be brave. Strike up a conversation keeping the attention off yourself.  Love them by listening and see where that friendship goes.

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  • @sharieking99 “We sacrifice friendships because loneliness seems easier than the liability of letdown.”
  • @sharieking99 “You don’t have to do friendships like everyone else. You don’t have to “match.” You just have to like them!”
  • @sharieking99 “God lavishes us with friendships because we long to be loved.”

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