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Hey January! I'm Tired. Can I Get a Restart?

Hello friends. I hope your Christmas and New Year is going well. I hope you're not feeling intimidated by the monstrous date before us, the inevitable January 1, 2017. You know, the day where we're all supposed to start all over, make up for the failures of last year, and begin again. 

Are you ready? 

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The Pastor's Wife: Stuck in Auto-Correct

I am a terrible test-taker. When I was in high school the SAT experts trained me to, "Go with your gut. Stick with your first answer because it's usually right." 

But, it never looked right. It never felt right. 

Finishing, I took their last piece of advice to heart, "When you're finished, go back and review your test before you turn it in." If they hadn't said this, I might have been able to resist changing my first answers, but because "they" said to review, I did. 

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How do I Believe the Best?

We all fail our friends.  We say things we don’t mean.  We are habitually inconsiderate and rude, easily offended and hurt.  We withdraw and give up when we should pursue and work through a problem.  But this doesn’t mean we are bad people.  It means we are imperfectly human. 

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