Hey January! I'm Tired. Can I Get a Restart?

Hello friends. I hope your Christmas and New Year is going well. I hope you're not feeling intimidated by the monstrous date before us, the inevitable January 1, 2017. You know, the day where we're all supposed to start all over, make up for the failures of last year, and begin again. 

Are you ready? 

I'm never ready for January 1. The day itself is intimidating. I feel like I'm supposed to have analyzed last year and figured out how to do it all so much better. I'm supposed to have a list of my new goals and accomplishments. As I sit in a hotel lobby typing these words, I'm waiting to get a text from my friend Holly telling me the new word God has given her for 2017...and she will want to know mine. 

Let me tell you a little secret. I don't have my word yet because I'm still working on my word, my lesson, the Lord has been teaching me the past three years. It's not that I'm not willing to learn, but the lessons He is teaching me are just taking a long time to learn. And that's okay.

Last week, after having a stomach bug, I decided to make something healthy for my family. So, I got up from the couch and wandered to the fridge. I gathered all the things I needed to make stuffed bell peppers. A little weak, I managed to put everything in the oven, ordered late Christmas cards and updated my calendar while they cooked, and then heard the oven ding to tell me they were done.

I announced, "Time to eat guys," only to hear, "I'm not really hungry." 

Can you guess how I felt? Yes. Steam could've blown through my ears like a cartoon. I said, "Well, we're sitting around the table whether you're hungry or not. When my grandmother took time to make a meal, we didn't tell her we weren't hungry. We sat and ate without complaining. We never disrespected the work she'd put into making us a meal. So, if you're not hungry, get something to drink because we're all going to sit together!"

Yep. I did that. And my family complied. They all sat. And then, one by one, complimented me on the meal. Then they started encouraging me as a mom, telling me they appreciate all I do, "You're always cooking and putting us first. We love and appreciate all you do. You're the best mom ever." They did this because they are all loving and amazing. They try to understand me and make our family work. I was thankful for the restart my boys gave me at the dinner table.

I liken this dinner experience to the month of December. December wears me out every year. Did I get the right presents? Did I remember everyone? Does everyone feel loved and not left out? Oh, and did we concentrate on Jesus enough, because He IS the reason for the season. After worrying and analyzing myself so much, I'm ready for January's restart. But, to my detriment, I often chalk up the past year as a failure. I'm too exhausted to celebrate last year's good because I'm too anxious to restart. 

Are you with me?

Well, I want to love on you like my family loved on me at that dinner table by giving you a series of blogs in January to help you celebrate your accomplishments and successes. We're going to start new in a different way. Instead of forgetting last year, let's remember our best's from last year and learn how to continue them in this new year. A new start doesn't have to mean trying to become someone new, but to take what we've done well last year and step it up a little this year. It's all about progress, not perfection. 

You will be hearing from a few of my favorite people to encourage you this year, and at the end of the month, we will have a special giveaway prize.

Next week, the wonderful woman you will hear from is Lisa Allen from Proverbs 31 Ministries. Lisa is one of my favorite people because she helped coach me through a super-stressful time in my life. She helped me weed through all I wanted to accomplish so that I could find what was doable and make it a reality. You will love her, so don't miss meeting her on my blog coming January 4, 2017.

I pray you will move forward in faith and freedom until next time! - Sharie

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