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How Do We Love Everyday People?

Ever read something that changed your life forever? Bored in study hall one day, I had no idea what was about to happen to me.  I picked up a book, turned a few pages, saw the truth within, and tears began to stream down my face as I saw words that would change me forever.  As I let the truth of the words sink into my soul, they sank further and further.  

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From Neverland to Whateverland

God doesn’t want you to LACK ANYTHING. Sometimes that means He will teach you to have more faith in what you ask for, and other times, it will mean He says no. Whateverland is the place where we keep our faith in whatever outcome He chooses; whether it be supernatural miracle or self-displined refinement. Both avenues remove the pessimism of Neverland and lead us by faith into Whateverland.

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I Want to Serve

During this Christmas season, many of us are admiring the courage of a young woman named Mary. I mean, she was visited by an angel who said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored!  The Lord is with you!” (Luke 1:28). And when she was asked to give birth to the Son of the Most High, her response was, May your word to me be fulfilled. (Luke 1:29-33, 38). Her words sound very similar to our own plea, “Lord, I want to be used by you” or “I want to serve you Jesus.” 

In retrospect, it’s easy to glamorize Mary’s calling because we know she is the mother of our Savior, but I wonder how she was perceived by the people of her own village

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Jesus, I need Your Attention!

Have you ever wondered if Jesus hears you?  This morning I found a desperate prayer to Jesus in my journal from January 2014.  It read,

“Jesus, I need your attention and compassion.  Will you sell our house? Will you take care of us as we try to take care of so many others?  Will you be our father?  Will you swoop in and provide for us in a miraculous way?  I need You to care for us, to take some of this weight off.  I want to have faith, but I’m so tired right now.  Tired.”

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