4 Reasons We are Scared to Love: from the acronym L-O-V-E

photo by Bethany West

photo by Bethany West

Part V: The third reason we are scared to love is because of our Vanity. 

I don’t want to admit I’m vain, but I know I am. This terrible sin resides in my heart. I hate it. I want to hide it, but it is always tempting me to think more about myself than other people, to put my need to be accepted before theirs. It’s an ugly sin, but I cannot deny its presence in my soul.

If vanity is so detestable, why is it also so tempting? Because even though we know God loves us, his love still hasn’t been perfected in us. We will carry a love-void until we meet him face to face and he perfects us. Until then, our hearts will be manipulated into filling this emptiness with self-love or adoration from others.

But we cannot let our vanity go unchecked because it not only keeps us from loving others, but it keeps people from loving us. Vain cravings blind us to our neglect of others.  We are primarily concerned for ourselves and other people are simply an afterthought. It’s not easy to love a person who is consumed with themselves.

Hold that Thought and Make it Real:

Here’s another enlightening quote from my niece. Her mom said, “I was praying with Ruby tonight and she said," I want to invite Jesus and God to my birthday. But they're going to have to get rid of that bright light! No one will be able to see them!"

Even though Jesus and God have every right to blind us with their holiness, they chose not to relate to us in this way because they knew we wouldn’t be able to see them. Instead, God displayed his goodness by sacrificing his son, and Jesus endeared us to his character by loving us to the point of death.

Vanity tricks us into thinking that if we shine ourselves brighter, people will like us.  But, actually no one is attracted to an elevated human ego. 

John 15:13 says, “No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.” Sacrifice is the true evidence of love. Vanity preaches that self-focus will fill your void, but genuine value is only found from focus turned vertical.

If you want to overcome your vanity, I challenge you to ask the Holy Spirit to show you three opportunities this week where you can practice sacrificing for the sake of someone else. And if you’re brave enough to continue this practice, I believe God will give you the fruit of new and deeper friendships. 

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  • @sharieking99 Vanity says, ‘Shine brighter and people will like you.’ But an elevated human ego attracts no one."
  • @sharieking99 “If vanity is so detestable, why is it also so tempting?
  • @sharieking99 "Vanity preaches that self-focus will will your void, but genuine value is only found from focus turned vertical."

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