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We Went. We Saw. We Conquered?

As far as my kids are concerned, the manageable life has come to me. But, ironically I find myself wishing for their younger days. The days they wanted to cuddle and called my name because they needed me. I NEVER thought I'd miss being needed, but I am. These guys are becoming their own people; courageous, caring, adventurous and smart young men. They need me, but in a different way. I feel like I've shifted from all-knowing mom to maybe Coach Mom.

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A Mother's Heart in Guatemala

Years ago, I wanted to take my boys to India. I wanted them to know somewhere other than America, to have a passion for other worlds and other people. I wanted them to experience God's creativity and passion for His complete world, not just our own. 

But the door to India closed. Then we tried Haiti, but it wasn't meant to be either. After two failed attempts, I wondered, " When will it be time? Did I not pursue these opportunities hard enough? Did I miss IT?"

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Hello Spring and Summer

My first ministry trip out of the US was to Mexico City when I was 13 years old. I already felt like I'd serve Jesus full time when I was older. I wondered if he would call me to missions as a single woman, but instead, when Clayton and I met, we served in India 5 months into dating. We shared a passion for taking the gospel to anyone, anywhere. CKm has carried this vision, this passion, and now as parents we are excited that our boys will be coming with us on their first trip abroad to Guatemala.

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